Friday, August 6, 2010



COLONY is a sound project based on electronic and experimental music.

I know that this might sounds a bit generic, but I think that picturesque definitions are almost always purely meant to help the listeners label what they are going to put in their portable mp3 reader.

In the case of Colony, they are totally meaningless during the act of conceiving and composition.

The music of Colony will be FREE because it's good to share and comunicate in these desolate times. Also, it's almost unlikely that this pretty sound unit will get a record deal or whatsoever in the near of far future.

Check this page on a regular basis for news, upgrades from the mixing desk and links to other free goodies.

If you'd like to work with - or be remixed by - Colony, feel free to contact.

A technical note: Colony is against the loudness war syndrome.
If you want strong listening emotions, then crank up the volume of your stereo.
Your ears and your brain will do the rest.

Thank you for your attention.

Always be elusive.


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