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IIIHIII 05/2015

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After a ten-year long degenerative illness, my father passed away the same morning I went to the studio to begin mastering these tracks. I cannot help but see some beauty in such punctuality. TIME DESTROYS EVERYTHING is the fifth album of COLONY and is dedicated to him.

Some textures and soundscapes were created during the previous sessions of MUSIC FOR EMPTY ROOMS, but I decided not to include them in that album for fear of its playlist becoming really too long. So they ended up here pretty naturally, some of them with only little postproduction added and some drastically mixed with a lot of live improvisation, tape manipulation and other things. As a consequence of this free process - and as a precise choice too, obviously - in TIME DESTROYS EVERYTHING there are no riffs, no hooks, no beats or other discernible rhythmic structures. Well, almost.

Tracks 1, 12 and 13 were recorded in the controlled environment of my lab and represent the link between this last album and MUSIC FOR EMPTY ROOMS. As I wrote a year ago, they are indeed the first two chapters of a planned trilogy about absence and memory.

Many thank-you's go to my trustworthy sound engineer and long time friend Davide Saggioro of Wise Mastering Studio, who skillfully brought these tracks to life and to artist Michele Morando for allowing me to use his painting called "Chambre Sur La Mer": I believe it is the perfect representation of the sound of TIME DESTROYS EVERYTHING. You can find more information about him and his atelier here.

And finally my deepest gratitude goes to all of YOU, dear listeners and followers in my country and around the world. I'm happy and proud to say that you are many.

I don't know if time can really destroy everything, but a part of me doesn't hope so for sure. The other part simply just doesn't care.

However, in a constant struggle with entropy, it's already time to step ahead and move on. The next album is called NODES and it is a collection of ambient tracks which - over the last eight years - I dropped out at the last minute essentially for a matter of sonic homogeneity with the albums in which they should have been included. And then again - hopefully in 2016 - I'll be back to my roots with some serious kick drums, bass lines and more strictly-electronic stuff like that. Since things tend to be more short-term than we might think, it is important to have a lot of things to do in life.

"Got into something dangerous and strange. I was into nothing and that's the way I behaved. And I like those deep dark thoughts that leave you stranded way in mid-air. And I'd like to do something that makes somebody somewhere care. Playing with fire, why should I mind? I'm going beyond now and what will I find? Corridors filled with smoke and all the trees uprooted and dead. I was torn apart by my love for a different land" (Lawrence - Hours Of Darkness Have Changed My Mind, 1986).

Always be elusive. 


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