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IIIHIII 06/2015 - SE062

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MILES AND MILES OF NOTHING - the new album of COLONY - is the last chapter of a trilogy about absence and memory, the first two chapters being the previous MUSIC FOR EMPTY ROOMS in 2013 and TIME DESTROYS EVERYTHING at the beginning of this year. I know that I'm callously ruminating on boring themes that were already old some hundred years ago and that I can't add something really new or particularly important to this famous and painful topic, but I don't care. For those of you still willing to follow the sonic meditations of Colony - and you have my endless gratitude and appreciation for this - here's a sixtyfour-minute soundtrack for an imaginary road movie.

I like movies very much. I like roads too. The less travelled they are, the better.

Sure, these roads are sometimes hard to find on the map - if there is one - and they may also hide long shadows and serious perils. You may lose yourself and come back home late at night. Or never come back at all. But there's also the chance to find an entirely, unexpected new direction. And a new landscape too. Or maybe a door that opens on the same old house from where you left the day before. You think you're home and safe again and then you discover that someone else is now living in your place. Wearing your dresses. Eating your dinner. Sleeping in your bed. And that person is you. Pretty frightening.

Another scene.
Imagine the postman delivers you a letter.
The envelope is closed and there's a writing on it. It says:
"Do not open until the last day".

It all could also be an allegory for the old "forgive and forget" story, but since I don't want to give away too many hints about MILES AND MILES OF NOTHING, let's say that it's a comfort to think there is always the possibility to find a way out.
Because there is always a possibility, isn't there?

As you will notice, the album contains some ambient tracks taken from the 2007 debut THIS MACHINE NEVER SLEEPS and the following MEET, MERGE, DISSOLVE. I know someone might say that this is a rather strange choice and suggest that perhaps ideas are running out in the lab, but I assure you that this is not the case: these tracks from the past of COLONY are here again for a precise reason and they are purposefully mixed together with the other present-day, all-new compositions created bearing in mind the aforementioned soundtrack.

Maybe there's something small and precious at the end of the road and then it will be really worth it to have traveled so long. Who knows.
But I think it's time to go. To move on.

The next step will be the already announced collection called NODES, which has been postponed when this new album suddenly came out from nowhere and immediately claimed to be finished as soon as possible. 

MILES AND MILES OF NOTHING has been released on the renowned italian electronic netlabel STATO ELETTRICO. You can download the album in MP3 format directly from the label's large catalogue here. Many, many thanks to everyone involved.

Some things never change. They have only ceased to exist as objects and since then they lived solely as non-datable circumstances, well far out from that sequence of elements we call time

"When your dreams are of some world that never was or of some world that never will be and you are happy again, then you will have given up" (Cormac McCarthy - The Road, 2006).

Always be elusive.


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