Friday, May 20, 2011



"JAPAN STILL NEEDS HELP. Massive earthquakes, a devastating tsunami, and critical nuclear accidents. 15,000 people died, 11,000 are missing, 190,000 buildings were damaged or destroyed. The cost to rebuild Japan will exceed $309 billion.
But it's not too late to help.

We called musicians for help. The result: A COMPILATION FOR JAPAN. 100% of its proceeds will be donated to CIVIC FORCE JAPAN, the country's leading NGO in disaster response & relief, currently working hard to make things better in the country.

This compilation is PAY AS YOU WISH with a 7,99euros minimum for the whole album and 0.99euros per track. You can directly donate on the CIVIC FORCE JAPAN website too. Any kind of help matters!

While Western media isn't covering it as much anymore, the situation in Japan is still critical. People are still without shelters and jobs, business is slow, the agricultural industry is suffering due to rumors of contmination of products, tourists have vanished, many artists are refusing to come perform, and even Japanese people have deserted bars and clubs. It's definitely a bad situation.
But don't forget that YOU CAN STILL HELP!

A big thanx to all the artists who participated by donating songs".

...well, you know what to do.

Many, many thanks to Oliver of MENTAL GROOVE RECORDS for asking Colony to contribute with a new track, called "We Carry The Fire With Us".

You can find the preview here.

Don't be elusive, this time.


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