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IIIHIII 01/2007

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The new Colony album was a lost album. Until now.

THIS MACHINE NEVER SLEEPS is dated back to 2007 and it represent my first conscious move toward electronic music. I still like the way the tracks sound together as a whole and I'm still proud of all of them, therefore I thought there was no reason for this record to remain unpublished.

I'm sure the most careful of you will notice some of the aspects THIS MACHINE NEVER SLEEPS and MEET, MERGE, DISSOLVE have in common here and there.

Endless thanks to Davide Saggioro for mixing things up, widening the stereo images a lot and mastering all the stuff into something beautifully cohesive and somewhat more enjoyable for all of you. You can find more informations about Davide Saggioro here.

Finalizing THIS MACHINE NEVER SLEEPS was such a hell of a ride, but it's nothing when compared to the towering mole of MUSIC FOR EMPTY ROOMS, which is still in the mixing phase of the production and should be ready sometimes in 2012. Well...hopefully.

But the forthcoming release will be CITIES APART, a split album with a very talented and polyhedric japanese musician called AKITO MISAKI. Check out his first EP here and listen/download other tracks here.

So stay tuned for more music.

My deepest appreciation goes also to MaxFarnea who wrote the track Singularity Ahead with me. MaxFarnea is an electronic musician and a DIY builder: he conceives and plays his music with custom-built instruments he assembles with recycled electric/electronic material. Amazing. Go and check his music here and here.

Back in 2007, THIS MACHINE NEVER SLEEPS was a foundamental experience for me. It changed my life deeply.
It changed the way I relate to music and people in general.

That's all, for now. As usual, thank you for your attention.

Always be elusive.


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