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The year of the mayan armageddon has simply been a year of pauses. A lot of work and turmoil that - except a couple of nice things that I will not tell you - ultimately went nowhere. A pause after the other after another.

CHARMING SEPULCHER is a web compilation and also the first release from HAVE FAITH IN SOUND webzine, which is directed by Kevin Carnaille. Kevin has contacted 33 musicians (Saaad, Pleq, Tsone, Huron, Olkin Donder, John 3:16, Listening Mirror, Sàdon, uuuuuu, Akito Misaki among many, many others) and asked each one of them to contribute a track for this project. The compilation is divided in three parts and the music goes from drone to noise and concrète and from ambient to various kinds of experimental electronica.

Colony contributes a track called "Just A Little Blackout". This track will feature - albeit in a different form - in the forthcoming fourth album called MUSIC FOR EMPTY ROOMS, which is taking almost three years in the making but will be hopefully ready in a few months. You can listen to this track here.

Things have slowed down dangerously in the last period, but CHARMING SEPULCHER gave me the chance to break the rules that some contingencies and personal issues were imposing on me, to exit the aforementioned pause state and catch the last train just before everything passed the point of no return, that is the point where every taken decision is always too late and therefore is meaningless, futile and pathetic. For this reason, I have to thank Kevin Carnaille twice, because he asked Colony to contribute a track and also gave me the opportunity to work on the definitive shape of the whole compilation, namely the overall sound engineering and tracklisting. As always, Davide Saggioro crucially helped me in managing sound physics, odd frequencies, huge blasting audio spectrums and so on. You can find more information about him and his studio here.

It was a challenging task. It moved me deeply.
I hope you will like this compilation as much as I liked working on it.

In CHARMING SEPULCHER part II, there's also a track from an american musician called ELLIE ARROWAY, whose first album is being arranged and produced by Colony and should be fully completed in the next months too. You can listen to this track here.

Here are some additional information in this Q&A with Kevin.

Q: what criteria did you follow in choosing the 33 musicians? 
A: I didn't have followed "special criterias" in choosing all these musicians. I just wanted to share eclectic sounds! The experience of Have Faith In Sound (and Indie Rock Mag too) helped me to find easily who I wanted to see on Charming Sepulcher. I discovered many good musicians that we are not used to see, I hoped it was a good way helping them to be more " visible " and being mixed with other musicians that, maybe, they could never know. But, of course, I've chosen them because I thought they could correspond with the theme "Charming Sepulcher", in a certain way.
Q: what Charming Sepulcher should mean in its whole?  
A: My vision of this concept is quite simple. The name had been chosen to symbolise a fascination for dark/sad music. I wanted to propose an ambiguous topic without giving more details, just to see how musicians would translate it. Finally,  we (with you haha) had noticed that 3 visions of the concept emerged. That's why Charming Sepulcher has been cut into 3 parts, to keep some homogeneity into each ones. It was a way to show that the same feeling can be conveyed in many ways. Moreover, you will see that the last part is much less dark than the others. It was an assumed choice, which was to nuance the deep darkness previously developed, as a glimmer of hope.

Q: what plan do you have for the future of Have Faith In Sound?
A: First of all, I would like to extend the team. Finding some curious people attracted by this kind of universe. I can also say that the tastes of the blog will gradually evolve, because I must admit it's not very open-minded yet, even if I use to listen many different things everyday. And finally, I think it will not be the last compilation I plan to release. For now, that's all I can say!

CHARMING SEPULCHER is free for you to download and share.

"There are two kinds of pauses: the pause which comes before something happens and the pause which comes afterward. There is never a pause which means nothing. When you have a pause, you must always be conscious that something will be done or that something has been done. [...] The pause must always be the result of something, or it should be just before something. Without the feeling of the whole, pause has no significance" (Michael Chekhov, 1936).

Merci Kevin pour la précieuse opportunité que vous m'avez donnée. 

Always be elusive.


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