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IIIHIII 03/2012

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Strange is the way things go sometimes. I'm not telling you anything new. Akito Misaki and I never met. Maybe we will, one day. Who knows. We just had brief conversations on a social network about music, idioms, movies, earthquakes, loss and things like these. I've never even seen his face.

The idea of making a three tracks collaborative EP lasted a month or so and then quickly snowballed into a nine tracks full-fledged album, now available for you to download and listen to. Once again, mighty Davide Saggioro is in the control room, keeping all the things together: you can find more information about him and his studio here.

CITIES APART has been conceived and composed totally via web. Akito and I have been sending each other ideas and sounds using email. A very challenging thing to do, but we are really satisfied with the result. Maybe we have been too careful of each other's privacy to use other protocols to comunicate. Who knows. I think this elusive attitude has filtered somehow into the music we have made. Well, maybe. Maybe not.

Too many clues. Too many questions. The answers seem all wrong because some questions are better left unsolved. Also, I've never been a good detective and I guess I never will. Even though I own a cool raincoat.

As usual, I'm not going to tell you what this music is really about.
Go and check for yourself.
We all have different answers. Maybe yours is better than mine.
Maybe it is the right one. Maybe not.

We all have some time to spend, before the world spins out of control.

"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away"
(Philip K. Dick, 1978).

Always be elusive.


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